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Portable real-time PCR instrument

Product Details

Loop-mediated isothermal amplification technology is an emerging gene amplification technology and a new type of nucleic acid amplification method. Under the action of Bst DNA polymerase, 60 ~ 65 ℃ constant temperature amplification, 109 ~ 1010 times of nucleic acid amplification can be achieved in about 15-60 minutes, which has the characteristics of operational simplicity, strong specificity, and easy product detection.

The MA-1610 is an open-design portable isothermal fluorescence PCR instrument based on the application of loop-mediated isothermal technology and combined with fluorescence detection technology. It has the characteristics of high specificity, high sensitivity, simplicity, convenience, and low cost, and has been widely used in the diagnosis of clinical diseases, qualitative/quantitative detection of epidemic bacteria/viruses, sex identification of animal embryos, and development of gene chips.

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