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Real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument

Product Details

The MA-4800 adopts high-quality Marlow semiconductor thermoelectric module, combined with German high-end PT1000 temperature sensor and temperature control mode of electrical resistance heating compensation edge, and transmits the fluorescence signals in 96 sample wells in real time to Gaoxin through imported high-temperature resistant professional optical fiber. The -20 ℃ cold low-temperature CCD of the noise ratio is used for real-time detection; it is an open design automatic fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument with completely independent intellectual property rights.

The MA-4800 is equipped with a 5-colour fluorescence channel detection platform as standard at the factory. The maintenance-free full-wavelength tungsten halogen lamp of independent technology is used as the excitation light source. It is operated through the built-in computer touch screen or an external computer, which is efficient and portable. It can be widely used in basic medical research, pathogen detection, molecular cloning, genetic screening, gene expression, genotyping, transgenic detection, food safety detection and public health epidemic monitoring, and other industries and fields.

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