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Liquid Handling System (LHS)

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Molarray is a pioneer in the biotechnological field and we possess unrivaled knowledge and proficiency. We make use of this experience to deliver dependable, high-quality products to both companies and individuals.

Our automated liquid handling systems (LHS) can significantly cut down on the time needed for tedious manual liquid transfer activities. LHS can dramatically improve results, accuracy, and reproducibility.

For medium to high throughput performance testing, Molarray's LHS is one of the best options for economical and fully automated liquid handling devices. Our company's LHS can significantly increase your testing efficiency and quality of results when combined with our cutting-edge robotic features and user-friendly software. Your PCR/qPCR testing will be best supported by Molarray's LHS.


Highlights of Key Features:

• Highly accurate automated pipette for a wide range of testing volumes.

• Multiple reagent dispensing.

• Sample serial dilutions.

• Automated qPCR reaction mix reparations.

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