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Real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument

Product Details

MA-688 real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument adopts maintenance-free LED as an excitation light source and is operated by an external computer with high efficiency and convenience. It can be widely used in basic medical research, pathogen detection, molecular cloning, genetic screening, gene expression, genotyping, transgenic detection, food safety detection and epidemic monitoring, and a variety of other fields.


MA-688 real-time quantitative fluorescent PCR instrument is a fully open design and economical real-time quantitative fluorescent PCR instrument tailored for qPCR beginners and small laboratories based on the MA-6000 series technology platform.


With a compact body, 48x0.2 ml international standard sample array, and standard 4-colour fluorescence detection channel, the MA-688 is excellent for improving time efficiency and economic costs, which will help you to advance your work in the era of fluorescence quantitative PCR experimentation.

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